Haydn Cello Concertos in C and D

Solomon, A. (1995) Haydn Cello Concertos in C and D. [Audio]


Music by Joseph Haydn, performed by period intrument ensemble Florilegium with Pieter Wispelwey (cello): Concerto per il Violoncello in C major; Symphony No. 104 in D major; Concerto per il Violoncello in D major. Haydn could be perfectly described as a genius who could work to order. After all, the great majority of his considerable oeuvre was written on commission either for the Esterházy orchestra, for his two tours to London, or for a friendly nobleman, noblewoman, or virtuoso. Thus he could be sure that nearly everything he composed would also actually be performed. This was surely a powerful stimulus to write even more, and even better music. Most of Haydn’s solo concerti were written for the Esterházy family, for their orchestra, and for the outstanding soloists who were members of that ensemble, and performed by these same musicians at the castle. This is obvious not only from the dedicatory formulas on the manuscripts, but also from the exceptionally virtuosic solo parts of Haydn’s concerti for violin, violoncello, keyboard, organ, flute, trumpet and horn. Haydn was able to produce an effortless combination of extreme virtuosity with intense lyricism and playful melodies, sometimes of a folklike quality, other times inclining more to the baroque. Thus audience and performers alike were satisfied in every respect.

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