Kay, A. (2006) Dragon. [Composition]


For piano quintet, duration 10 minutes. A Brighton Festival commission, this piece was first performed by Leon McCawley and the Emperor Quartet in the Music Room of the Royal Pavilion on 8 May 2006. It was first published by New Voices BMIC and remains a part of their collection. Composer's programme note: "Dragon was conceived with the performance space very much in mind, adding the dimension of sound and the sensation of movement through time to the decorative fantasy world of dragons and magical beauty of the Royal Pavilion. The piece can stand alone, but I like the idea for this performance that the surrounding visual beauty can be viewed at the same time as listening to the music. The dragon is a creature that appears in folklore throughout the world and has been associated with many qualities that are often opposed, for example, fire and water; earth and air; good and evil; serenity and violence. The work is built around paradox and explores extremes of temperament, spirit and idea through unified musical material."

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