Holt, S. (2010) Bagatelarañas. [Composition]


For wind quintet, duration 18 minutes. This piece was premiered on 21 March 2017 by the Nash Ensemble, at the Wigmore Hall, London. "‘Bagatelarañas’ for wind quintet was written in 2010. The fifth movement, ‘fugaz’ (fleeting) was written at the request of Amelia Freeman by way of a birthday present. It’s for the three reeds of the ensemble. Once I’d written it, I felt I should add some more movements and turn into a wind quintet. It became six movements in all: 1] en vilo (into the air), 2] faro (lighthouse), 3] tumba (tomb), 4] hilo (thread), 5] fugaz, 6] fin (end). Bagatelarañas is a portmanteau word that I have invented. Bagatela (in Spanish; I live there for a lot of the year and have since 2001) means, not unsurprisingly bagatelle and telarañas means cobwebs. The two words are joined at the word tela meaning material. All the movements share material gleaned from the first written piece, ‘fugaz’. This material acts as a web spread across the span of the whole piece." © Simon Holt

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