Chit chat: music for two clavichords

Charlston, T. and Perkins, J. (2023) Chit chat: music for two clavichords. [Audio]


This commercial audio CD recording of contemporary music for two clavichords includes eight world première recordings. It contains repertoire originated and performed by Terence Charlston and Julian Perkins over the last five years in concerts and workshops. The recording brings together a selection of the pieces and arrangements that the duo have explored, commissioned and written themselves. The CD will help disseminate their work to a wider audience and encourage more people to discover a new, and unusual sound world. The composers represented are Alexander J. Blustin, Terence Charlston, Peter Maxwell Davies, Nicola LeFanu, Timothy Roberts, Peter Thorne. Special techniques are sometimes used to conjure up unusual sounds, such as the use of cloth wedges to strum the strings and fingers pressed against the strings to create plucking effects. The recording features two unfretted clavichords: one based on an instrument from about 1775 by Johann Heinrich Silbermann and made by Peter Bavington in London; the other based on Johann Emanuel Schön from 1748 and made by Andreas Hermert in Berlin.

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