Sound objects: exploring procedural audio for theatre

Dalgleish, M. and Whitfield, S. K. (2021) Sound objects: exploring procedural audio for theatre. In: Innovation in Music: Future Opportunities. Routledge. ISBN 9780367363376 (hardback) 9780367363352 (paperback) 9780429345388 (e-book)


This chapter discusses two practical projects that explore the nature and possibilities of sound in theatre and generative audio in particular. The first of these projects, RayGun, is an augmented prop prototype that has potential advantages related to the responsiveness to user interaction and sound localisation. The second project, INTERIOR, consists of a generative audio play embedded in a tangible, radio-like artefact intended to offer an accessible, bi-modal (audio and haptic) experience in a self-contained and portable package. The authors' approach is informed by two bodies of theory: discourse around sound in theatre and related areas such as film and video-game sound; and research in procedural generation and specifically, procedural audio. It is useful to make explicit a distinction between sound effects related to props and more environmentally orientated ambient sounds. This implies that there are four possible categories of sounds in theatre: dialogue, sound effects (prop sounds), ambience, and music. ***** An open access version of this chapter is available on WIRE (Wolverhampton Intellectual Repository and E-Theses) at *****

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