Kittos, H. (2012) Intermezzo. [Composition]


For 2 bass-clarinets & 2 cellos, duration 7 minutes. This piece was written for Variable Geometry. It was first performed on 18 May 2012, in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, London, conducted by Jean Phillipe Calvin. It is dedicated to Sonali Banerjee, who was Chamber Music Manager in the Performance and Programming Department, RCM, for her invaluable help for the premiere. Intermezzo is based on the idea of spliting, and it is a single continuous process. The core idea was inspired by the interesting dynamics that can derive from the interaction of the 2 bass clarinets and 2 cellos: the group of 4 is split in 2 groups of twin instruments, which are also split as duets. Then, the 'split' goes even further, to the action of playing itself - the basses alternate tongue-slaps or air blows after loud key clicks, the cellos play pizzicati with one hand while the other hand taps the fingerboard loudly, and so on. Such gestures are given a repetitive, almost obsessive character and create a sound texture that gradually changes.

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