Bizet: Carmen

Smith, R. L. (2014) Bizet: Carmen. Edition Peters, Leipzig. ISBN 9790577003757


This major new edition by Richard Langham Smith of perhaps the world’s most popular opera, includes French and English text, incorporates the original dialogues, and is backed up by complete orchestral performance material. Unique sources: includes information derived from documentation of French productions of Bizet’s time – aspects not preserved in the scores or librettos at the time, nor represented in other current editions. Informative and practical: a comprehensive preface (in English, French and German) provides fascinating background information to the edition and practical guidance to the performance of Carmen. For the preface (2015) see: For the Select bibliography (2015) see For Appendix 1 'Tempo and metronome markings: a conductor's guide' (2016) see:

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