The MaPS project: mapping teacher conceptions of musical development

Stakelum, M. and Baker, D. (2013) The MaPS project: mapping teacher conceptions of musical development. In: Developing the Musician: Perspectives on Practice in Contemporary Settings. SEMPRE Studies in the Psychology of Music . Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 135-154. ISBN 9781409450177 (hardback) 9781138255920 (paperback) 9781315576855 (e-book)


In some schools, classroom music is taught by an individual held to have elite and 'appropriate' skills in music, a 'specialist'. Some schools acquire visiting musicians from Local Education Authority (LEA) services. These teachers provide classroom lessons or Wider Opportunities projects. 'Music specialist' implies a teacher with traditional expertise who may be expected to teach music to all or most of the children. Perceived self-competence in music teaching may well influence the manner in which musical ability is framed by teachers. The project was entitled Musical ability in the Primary School (MaPS). It was an exploratory one, designed to uncover themes that would serve as a platform on which to build an evidence base and to prepare the way for further investigation. The participants were generalists, required to teach music in schools in Southern England. Every 'partner' school of the Institute of Education, University of Reading was invited to participate.

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