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Rossi Rognoni, G. (2010) [Multiple contributions]. In: Stradivari Varnish: Scientific Analysis of his Finishing Technique on Selected Instruments. Serving Audio. ISBN 9783000285370


The primary goal of the project is to research and understand the surface qualities of varnish seen under Day- and UV-light. The investigation was based on a careful and thorough analysis of the previous published scientific literature and cultural historic aspects. Scientific standards regarding UV-light photography where set and applied, leading to reproducible scientific environments. Only under such conditions can a layer profile of the varnish be extracted in a comparable non invasive manner, thus leading to important conclusions of the actual work techniques. This non invasive approach also includes the use of microscopic analysis, which leads to even further insights regarding pigments and substances that have been applied. The book is arranged in three sections. The research results of Brandmair and Greiner are presented in this book in the articles “The Build-up of Layers in Stradivari’s Varnish” by Stefan-Peter Greiner (41 pages) and “Foundations of Classical Cremonese Violin Varnishes” by Brigitte Brandmair (91 pages). The third section presents a pictures circle of 219 pages. Displayed are twenty-one outstanding instruments expertly photographed by the photographer Jan Röhrmann. They are presented in chronological order to provide a representative cross-section of Antonio Stradivari's work, whereas the first instrument is a Nicolò Amati and the last one a Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù. The instruments are documented in daylight and UV radiation from life size till magnifications up to 1000x. Each instrument is preceded by a short introductory description written by experts as Eric Blot (Cremona), Dr Rudolf Hopfner (Vienna), John Dilworth, David Rattray (London) and Dott. Gabriele Rossi-Rognoni (Florence). Many of these instruments have not been documented in the past decades and under no circumstances in this quality. All texts are written in English and German.

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