Walter Arlen: Es Geht Wohl Anders

Nelsen, R. and Immler, C. and Driver, D. (2011) Walter Arlen: Es Geht Wohl Anders. [Audio]


Songs by Walter Arlen performed by Rebecca Nelsen (soprano), Christian Immler (baritone) and Danny Driver (piano). Walter Arlen is one of the last living composers of the generation the Nazis sought to extinguish. After his flight from Vienna in 1939, he made a significant contribution to the cultural transfer of Austrian musical tradition not only as the music critic of the Los Angeles Times, but also as the founder of the Music Department of Loyala Marymount University. Arlen, who was born in 1920, has always been a composer of the small form and has written tonal music. This double CD offers a broad cross-section of his important song oeuvre.

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