Charlston, T. (2019) Hommage. [Composition] (Unpublished)


For two clavichords. The video includes a spoken introduction followed by a performance of the piece by Terence Charlston and Julian Perkins. It was first performed by Terence Charlston and Julian Perkins at the Suffolk Villages Festival on 26th August 2019 in the Quaker Meeting House, Sudbury, UK. ‘Hommage’ has been written for two clavichords sounding at different pitches and tuned in different temperaments: the Hermert instrument is sounding at a’= 466Hz and the Richter clavichord (which can be thought of as a transposing part in ‘B flat’) a tone lower at a’= 415Hz. It can, however, be easily adapted by transposition for any pair of clavichords, providing one is unfretted. You will hear fragments of the chorale ‘Allein zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ’ in canon on one clavichord and a strumming technique on the other. The strummed effect has its roots in psalterium, a special technique specified in the Sonata für Clavichord dated October 1792 by Friedrich Wilhelm Rust (1739–1796).

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