Sergei Prokofiev

Guillaumier, C. (2024) Sergei Prokofiev. Critical Lives . Reaktion Books, London. ISBN 9781789149517 (paperback) 9781789149890 (e-book) (In Press)


An absorbing, wide-ranging and incisive biography of celebrated composer Sergei Prokofiev. This absorbing, wide-ranging and incisive biography unfolds the life and work of the much-loved twentieth-century composer Sergei Prokofiev, revealing a surprisingly optimistic spirit amidst a tumultuous backdrop of geopolitical chaos and ever-shifting musical landscapes. The narrative weaves through Prokofiev’s intricate existence, depicting a life coloured by pathos and intersecting with a myriad of characters. Christina Guillaumier breathes life into the people and landscapes that shaped Prokofiev’s journey, capturing the unwavering passion of a musical genius whose love for his craft transcended all barriers. This new critical account is a vivid portrait of resilience, offering a fresh perspective on Prokofiev’s indomitable spirit.

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