What's love got to do with it? [keynote presentation]

Camlin, D. A. (2019) What's love got to do with it? [keynote presentation]. In: International Fjord Summer School 2019, 17-20 June 2019, Bergen. (Unpublished)


Music has always been a vehicle for the expression of love. Shakespeare called music ‘the food of love’, and countless song writers and composers throughout history have made much of this special relationship. If we want to express love, we turn to music. When our hearts are broken, we also turn to music for solace. However, there may be an even deeper level to this special relationship between music and the human biological need for attachment, exemplified in instances of group music-making. In this singing lecture, we’ll explore the relationship between music and love through the lens of cheesy 80s love songs. What are the neurobiological correlates of attachment, and how does musical entrainment become entangled with interpersonal neurobiology to produce feelings of trust and attachment?

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