Dave Camlin: case study

Camlin, D. A. (2017) Dave Camlin: case study. In: Engaging in Community Music: An Introduction. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9781138638167 (hardback) 9781138638174 (paperback) 9781315637952 (e-book)


This chapter (which contains the 'Dave Camlin: case study' section) describes a range of project ideas that guide the direction of the field of community music. As a scholarly enterprise, community music is garnering the interest of an increasing amount of people who seek to explore the field's theory and practice from a researcher's perspective. Growth in community music research, alongside recognition given to the culture of inquiry that community musicians work within, has exciting potential to support the field through new insights and understanding. The existence of community music graduate programmes has proffered interesting new perspectives in terms of research projects and methods. One graduate, working in a faith-based music community, discerned that the key principles that inform the practice of community music are the same as those that sit as central to the ethics of many faith traditions. The undergraduate and graduate studies conducted led to transformational changes in worship through the facilitation of creative and innovative musical participation from the congregations.

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