La interpretación histórica de la música [The historical performance of music]

Lawson, C. and Stowell, R. (2005) La interpretación histórica de la música [The historical performance of music]. Alianza música, 97 . Alianza Editorial, Madrid. ISBN 978-84-206-8207-5

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Spanish abstract: Durante las últimas décadas la interpretación histórica se ha convertido en una parte de la vida musical cotidiana en muchos lugares del mundo. Este volumen está escrito para todos aquellos que están interesados en la interpretación histórica, ya sean intérpretes profesionales, estudiantes, melómanos y oyentes exigentes; aborda temas prácticos más que cuestiones teóricas y su presentación es más descriptiva que prescriptiva. Muchas de las cuestiones tratadas se relacionan con cuatro grandes obras de Bach, Mozart, Berlioz y Brahms. Aporta así la base para la toma de decisiones artísticas que tiene como objetivo la recreación y ejecución de una interpretación tan próxima como sea posible a la concepción original del compositor.******* English abstract from the Cambridge University Press edition: Offering students and performers a concise overview of historical performance, this 1999 book takes into account the many significant developments in the discipline. It addresses practical matters rather than philosophical issues and guides readers towards further investigation and interpretation of the evidence provided, not only in the various early instrumental and vocal treatises, but also in examples from the mainstream repertory. Designed as a parent volume for the series Cambridge Handbooks to the Historical Performance of Music, this book provides an historical basis for artistic decision-making which has as its goal the re-creation of performances as close as possible to the composer's original conception. It relates many of the issues discussed to major works by Bach, Mozart, Berlioz and Brahms, composed c.1700–c.1900, the core period which forms the principal (though not exclusive) focus for the whole series.

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Additional Information: This is a Spanish translation of item #723 'The historical performance of music: an introduction' by C. Lawson and R. Stowell, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
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