Vivaldi Concerti

Solomon, A. (1995) Vivaldi Concerti. [Audio]


Music by Antonio Vivaldi performed by period instrument ensemble Florilegium: Concerto in C major RV 87; Concerto in G minor RV 107; Concerto in D minor RV 541; Concerto in D major RV 92; Concerto in G major RV 101; Concerto in F major RV 542; Trio Sonata in D minor RV 63. Antonio Vivaldi contributed substantially to eighteenth century musical life and was perhaps the most influential and original Italian composer of his generation. In laying the foundations of the mature Baroque concerto he developed a very idiosyncratic, imaginative musical style and language, and mastery of orchestration, and pushed the techniques of instrumentalists to greater heights…..The stimulus for Vivaldi's development lay in the fact that Italy was a melting pot of various cultures and European cultural exchange, with the general increase in travelling merchants, artisans, musicians and heads of state. Royal courts, formerly the central institutions for the cultivation of the arts, were declining in importance, and the arts were becoming more and more supported by and accessible to the general public. There were a myriad of people, occasions and tastes for which every artist was expected to provide entertainment.

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