Le Roi s'amuse: music for the King's pleasure

Solomon, A. (1995) Le Roi s'amuse: music for the King's pleasure. [Audio]


French music of the eighteenth century performed by period instrument ensemble Florilegium: Ouverture in A major, Op. 13 No. 3 by Jean-Marie Leclair; Deuxième Recréation de Musique, Op. 8 by Jean-Marie Leclair; Sonata in G minor, Op. 34 No.1 by Joseph Bodin De Boismortier; Concerto Comique, No. 25 by Michel Corrette. By the middle of the eighteenth century in France, François Couperin’s vision of a unification of both the Italian and French styles of musical composition (which he termed les goûts-réunis) had been more or less completely realised. The great majority of the best instrumental chamber music from the period is characterized by an individually delightful and skilful blend of the most effective and telling devices from both French and Italian sources.

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