Telemann: Concerti da Camera

Solomon, A. (1993) Telemann: Concerti da Camera. [Audio]


Chamber music by Georg Philipp Telemann, performed by period instrument ensemble Florilegium: 'Corellisierende' Sonata in F major; Paris Quartet in E minor (no. 6); Triosonata in B flat major; Concerto in A minor; Quadro in G minor. Telemann was a composer of astonishing versatility, and nowhere is this quality more evident than in his trios and quartets for wind and string instruments. He composed in both the Italian and French styles, sometimes very distinctly in one or the other, and at other times blending them together. He was influenced by such diverse elements as the galant style and ‘barbaric’ Polish folk music. The results are truly impressive, for Telemann clearly loved and understood these various styles and used them as sources of inspiration rather than strict guidelines for moulding musical content.

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