Synchronous online learning, teaching, and performing

Lisboa, T. and Jónasson, P. and Johnson, C. (2022) Synchronous online learning, teaching, and performing. In: The Oxford Handbook of Music Performance, Volume 2. Oxford Handbooks . Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780190058869 (hardback) 9780190058876 (e-book) 9780190058883 (e-book)


Synchronous online learning, teaching and performing in music is a fast-emerging innovation within the global Higher Education (HE) system. Numerous advantages for including videoconferencing as a means for communication via high-performance networking technologies are: the expansion of international collaborations through live performances and masterclasses; possibilities for remote rehearsals in advance of events; development of new forms of teaching, learning and performing; and lowered costs and reduction of carbon emissions due to decreased air travel. These benefits are increasingly being recognised not only for music, but within the wider context of arts and humanities. In addition, entry level platforms, such as Skype, Zoom and FaceTime, enable musicians to work from home. However, none of this comes without challenges. Issues of latency, audio and video quality, acclimation to the technology, presence, communication, and adapting alternative teaching approaches, are important issues that need to be addressed. This chapter provides a brief timeline on the emergence of the technology, outlines the substantial influence on teaching, learning, and performance from teacher, student, and professional performers’ perspectives, and highlights the necessary setup considerations for use in HE with practical examples from around the world. Finally, the chapter closes with the exploration of technology innovations that will soon be within reach for use in HE music. *** For a video based on this chapter please see ***

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