Technology enhanced learning of performance

Ramirez, R. and Waddell, G. (2022) Technology enhanced learning of performance. In: The Oxford Handbook of Music Performance, Volume 2. Oxford Handbooks . Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780190058869 (hardback) 9780190058876 (e-book) 9780190058883 (e-book)


Technology is used in all aspects of musical practice, whether developing instruments, recording performances, or linking musicians with audiences. Music education has also benefited from new digital tools, though the integration of technological approaches has not been as pervasive across learning environments and methods. This chapter summarizes recent research examining the attitudes towards and use of music technology in the learning of music performance, with particular focus on the domain of one-to-one teaching. It highlights new and developing hardware and software designed to address specific musical skills, from intonation and rhythmic accuracy to tone quality and expressiveness, and to drive self-regulated learning. The Technology Enhanced Learning of Music Instrument Performance (TELMI) project is presented as a case study demonstrating how state-of-the-art methods of audio and video analysis, motion capture, artificial intelligence, and musician-designed feedback displays are being advanced and integrated to develop the next generation of music learning tools. This chapter sets out an optimistic view of technology’s future as a tool to increase the accessibility, efficiency, and interactivity of music learning, and highlights the many ways in which musicians can take part in the evolution of technology enhanced learning.

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