Part VIII: innovations

Williamon, A. (2022) Part VIII: innovations. In: The Oxford Handbook of Music Performance, Volume 2. Oxford Handbooks . Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 495-594. ISBN 9780190058869 (hardback) 9780190058876 (e-book) 9780190058883 (e-book)


******* Please note that Professor Aaron Williamon is the editor of this book section, not the author. ******* Description of book: Volume 2 of the Oxford Handbook of Music Performance is designed around four distinct parts: Enhancements, Health and Wellbeing, Science, and Innovations. Chapters on the popular Feldenkrais method and Alexander technique open the volume, and these lead to chapters on peak performance and mindfulness, stage behavior, impression management and charisma, enhancing music performance appraisal, and how to build a career and the skills and competencies needed to be successful. The part dealing with health and wellbeing surveys the brain mechanisms involved in music learning and performing and musical activities in people with disabilities, performance anxiety, diseases and health risks in instrumentalists, hearing and voice, and finally, a discussion of how to promote a healthy related lifestyle. The first six chapters of the Science part cover the basic science underlying the operation of wind, brass, string instruments, and the piano, and two chapters covering the solo voice and vocal ensembles. The final two chapters explain digital musical instruments and the practical issues that researchers and performers face when using motion capture technology to study movement during musical performances. The four chapters of the Innovations part address the types of technological and social and wellbeing innovations that are reshaping how musicians conceive their performances in the twenty-first century.

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