Music and parental mental wellbeing [introduction]

Perkins, R. and Miele, M. (2024) Music and parental mental wellbeing [introduction]. In: Music and Parental Mental Wellbeing. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 3-24. ISBN 9780192863287 (paperback) 9780191954191 (online)


Chapter 1 introduces the book by setting the context for, and parameters of, music and parental mental wellbeing. It advocates for parity of attention on parental mental health as on parental physical health, arguing for the importance of supporting and facilitating parental mental wellbeing. Current treatments and supports for parents are discussed, including for parents experiencing mental illness during pregnancy and in or beyond the postnatal period. Music is introduced as a potential means of supporting wellbeing, and a case is made for how music can feature in parental care, including a short summary of existing evidence in the field. The chapter concludes with a description of the structure and scope of the book.

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