The early clarinet: a practical guide

Lawson, C. (2000) The early clarinet: a practical guide. Cambridge Handbooks to the Historical Performance of Music . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521624596 (hardback) 9780521624664 (paperback) 9780511059780 (e-book)


This practical guide is intended for all clarinettists with a desire to investigate music of earlier periods. It contains practical help on both the aquisition and playing of historical clarinets, while players of modern instruments will find much advice on style, approach and techniques which combine to make up a well-grounded, period interpretation. The book presents and interprets evidence from primary sources and offers suggestions for further reading and investigation. Most importantly, a series of case studies which include the music of Handel, Mozart and Brahms helps recreate performances which will be as close as possible to the composer's original intention. As the early clarinet becomes increasingly popular worldwide, this guide, written by one of the foremost interpreters of early clarinet music, will ensure that players at all levels - professional, students or amateurs - are fully aware of historical considerations in their performance.

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