The Cambridge companion to the orchestra

Lawson, C., ed. (2003) The Cambridge companion to the orchestra. Cambridge Companions to Music . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521806589 (hardback) 9780521001328 (paperback) 9781139002066 (e-book)


This guide to the orchestra and orchestral life is unique in the breadth of its coverage. It combines orchestral history and orchestral repertory with a practical bias offering critical thought about the past, present and future of the orchestra as a sociological and as an artistic phenomenon. This approach reflects many of the current global discussions about the orchestra's continued role in a changing society. Other topics discussed include the art of orchestration, scorereading, conductors and conducting, international orchestras, recording, as well as consideration of what it means to be an orchestral musician, an educator, or an informed listener. Written by experts in the field, the book will be of academic and practical interest to a wide-ranging readership of music historians and professional or amateur musicians as well as an invaluable resource for all those contemplating a career in the performing arts.

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