A winning strike: the miracle of Mozart's 'Kegelstatt'

Lawson, C. (2012) A winning strike: the miracle of Mozart's 'Kegelstatt'. In: Mozart's Chamber Music with Keyboard. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 123-137. ISBN 9781107002487 (hardback) 9781107534285 (paperback) 9781139368582 (e-book)


Investigates the provenance of Mozart's 'Kegelstatt' trio, K.498, and the implications for historically informed performance. The possible connection of the work with Mozart's penchant for games suggests that it was intended for private performances. His association with clarinetist Anton Stadler may have contributed to the use of the clarinet in a non-wind-band setting. The writing for both clarinet and viola find few, if any, other precedents in 18th-century chamber music.

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