The Cambridge companion to the clarinet

Lawson, C., ed. (1995) The Cambridge companion to the clarinet. Cambridge Companions to Music . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521476683 (paperback) 9781139796620 (e-book)


The Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet is a practical guide to the world of the clarinet. It offers students and performers a composite survey of the history and repertoire of the instrument from its origins to the present day, as well as practical guidance on teaching and performing. Special focus is made on the various members of the extensive clarinet family and specialist chapters provide advice on the mechanics of clarinet playing, the art of historical performance, contemporary techniques, and the clarinet in jazz. A chapter on the professional clarinettist introduces the world of the performing musician, while a survey of the clarinet on record provides the listener with a useful guide to the recording history of the instrument. Informed by the experience of distinguished performers and teachers, this book makes an essential and stimulating reference book for all clarinet enthusiasts.

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