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Bohm-Duchen, M. and Meyn, N. (2020) RNCM Holocaust Memorial Lecture: belonging and not belonging. In: The Sir John Manduell Research Forum Series, 29 January 2020, Forman Lecture Theatre, Royal Northern College of Music. (Unpublished)


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Meyn, N. (2013) Singing a song in a foreign land. [Website]

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Stakelum, M. (2013) 'James Culwick', 'Victor Herbert', 'Kodály Method', 'Suzuki Method', 'Association of Irish Choirs', 'Culwick Choral Society' and 'St James Gate Choir'. In: The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland. University College Dublin Press, Dublin. ISBN 9781906359782 (hardback)


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