Recreating history? The early clarinet in theory and practice

Lawson, C. (2021) Recreating history? The early clarinet in theory and practice. In: The Clarinet. Eastman Studies in Music . University of Rochester Press, pp. 228-254. ISBN 9781648250170 (hardback) 9781800103498 (e-book) 9781800103504 (e-book), ISSN 1071-9989, v. 179


Description of 'The Clarinet' (ed. Jane Ellsworth): With essays written by leading performer-scholars, The Clarinet offers unique perspectives on the clarinet's historical role in various styles, genres, and ensembles. Beginning with a chapter on clarinet iconography, the book continues with an overview of the instrument's early history, chapters on the clarinet in the opera orchestra and the traditional symphony orchestra, and examinations of important genres involving the clarinet (the concerto and the clarinet quintet). Also included are chapters on leading twentieth-century clarinetists, the instrument's use in the historically informed performance (HIP) movement, and an expansive look at the clarinet's use in ethnic traditions and early jazz. The emphasis on topics not covered elsewhere makes this book an important contribution to the clarinet literature. Written in an accessible style, this volume engages a wide range of readers, from professional musicians to clarinet aficionados and music lovers with less specialized knowledge.

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