The value of health screening in music conservatoires

Clark, T. and Williamon, A. and Redding, E. (2013) The value of health screening in music conservatoires. Clinical Rheumatology, 32 pp. 497-500. ISSN 0770-3198 (print) 1434-9949 (online)


Interest in musicians’ health and wellbeing is growing, reflected by increasing numbers of investigations into the physicality and psychology of musical performance. Within sport and dance, screening and profiling programmes have furthered understanding of not only physical and psychological capabilities and demands, but also injury mechanisms and susceptibility. This article engages with questions relating to the development and delivery of musician-specific health screening programmes. Effective screening can offer a variety of benefits for musicians, providing informed recommendations for sustaining performance-related fitness across educational and professional contexts. Employing an interdisciplinary approach when developing screening programmes is essential, as is the ecological appropriateness of the measures used. The implications inherent in delivering and sustaining successful screening programmes are discussed.

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