Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2011

Williamon, A. and Edwards, D. and Bartel, L., eds. (2011) Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2011. European Association of Conservatoires, Utrecht. ISBN 9789490306021


The third International Symposium on Performance Science, ISPS 2011, explored the theme Models of Performance, ranging from models of good practice and performance (e.g. research into inspirational performers, teachers, or learners) to scientific models of performance processes and products. Hosted by the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, this volume reflects the breadth of performance science research presented at the event and provides a glimpse into the engaging discussion and debate that ensued. The 117 articles published here report original research on topics such as learning and teaching; creativity and performance evaluation; movement, communication, and embodied knowledge; and performers’ health and wellbeing. They offer a wide range of empirical, theoretical, and artistic insights into a most multifaceted and ubiquitous endeavor: performing.

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