Interdisciplinarity: an expansion of my creative approach

Garcia-Tomas, R. (2019) Interdisciplinarity: an expansion of my creative approach. Doctoral thesis, Royal College of Music.


Over the last decade, the interest in including interdisciplinary practices within the context of contemporary music has increased. Research into this field needs to continue being addressed by composers, as well as by musicologists and art historians, in order to develop case studies which assess and define the multiple creative approaches that a project involving many artistic disciplines can have. The present research evaluates the substantial changes that have occurred in my composition practice as a consequence of using an interdisciplinary methodology –based on the transferral of methods from one discipline to another– and reflects on how an adaptive strategy, which reconsiders the preconceived compositional procedures, leads composers working within an interdisciplinary context to an integrated outcome. Given that this study has mainly been practice-based, the present commentary focuses on the composition of the following eight works: [co][hes][ion] (2013), for dance and pre-recorded electronics; Wondjina (2013), for bass clarinet, live electronics, video and dance; stone:speeches (2014), an audiovisual installation; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2014), for piano, pre-recorded electronics and video-animation; disPLACE (a nowhere opera) – Història d'una casa (2015) (libretto by Helena Tornero), a chamber opera; [logolepsy/lethologica] (2016), an acousmatic work inspired by old radiophonic works; liquid:speeches (2016), a multichannel audiovisual installation; and Blind Contours no. 1 (2016), for ensemble, pre-recorded electronics and video.

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