The practice and context of a private Victorian brass band

Herbert, T. (1999) The practice and context of a private Victorian brass band. In: Nineteenth-Century British Music Studies. Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, 1 . Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, pp. 105-118. ISBN 9780367146221 (hardback) 9780429052774 (e-book)


In the 19th century, a variety of circumstances and a multiplicity of musical and social functions produced several models of brass band. While in the densely populated areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire similarities might have emerged very quickly, elsewhere bands must have developed largely oblivious of what was to become the brass band movement. The Cyfarthfa Band from Wales is a vivid example of such phenomenon; Dicken's 1850 characterization of it as a 'workers' band is misleading and disguises its true identity. Its repertoire was more sophisticated than that of other bands of the period, and it seems to have been the focus of attention from some of the most prominent figures of the day.

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