Organology and the others: a political perspective

Rossi Rognoni, G. (2019) Organology and the others: a political perspective. Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, 44 pp. 7-17. ISSN 0362-3300


Over the past decade, an unprecedented number of proposals have been put forward advocating for a renovation of the aims, perspectives and methods of organology. In a mostly uncoordinated, but consistent methodological debate, several of them were specifically presented as a break, or at least a marked shift from ‘traditional organology’, and made clear their intention to propose a different perspective to the study of musical instruments through the adoption of new names: ‘new organology’ (a term used by a 2001 conference on Japanese instruments, and also by Roda), ‘lived organology’ (Hoosmanrad), ‘general organology’ (Stiegler), ‘new critical organology’(Sonevytsky), ‘cultural organology’ (Johnston), ‘critical organology’ (Dolan), and ‘biographical organology’ (Hoosmanrad) just to mention a few.

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