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Adlington, R. (2008) 1968 and new music in the Netherlands. In: Musikkulturen in der Revolte: Studien zu Rock, Avantgarde und Klassik im Umfeld von "1968" [Music Cultures in the Revolt: Studies on Rock, Avant-garde and Classical in the Context of "1968"]. Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, pp. 103-114. ISBN 978-3-515-09461-0

Adlington, R. (2013) Communisms, communist musics. In: Red Strains: Music and Communism Outside the Communist Bloc. British Academy/Oxford University Press, London, pp. 1-20. ISBN 9780197265390 (hardback) 9780191760440 (e-book)

Adlington, R. (2013) Composing dissent: avant-garde music in 1960s Amsterdam. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199981014 (hardback) 9780199346202 (e-book)

Adlington, R. (2020) Curating difference. In: Finding Democracy in Music. Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century . Routledge. ISBN 9780367486921 (hardback) 9780367499457 (paperback) 9780367486938 (e-book)

Adlington, R. (2009) Forms of opposition at the “Politiek‐Demonstratief Experimenteel” concert. In: Sound Commitments: Avant-garde Music and the Sixties. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 56-77. ISBN 9780195336658 (paperback) 9780199868551 (e-book)

Adlington, R. (2009) Introduction: avant-garde music and the sixties. In: Sound Commitments: Avant-garde Music and the Sixties. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 3-14. ISBN 9780195336658 (paperback) 9780199868551 (e-book)

Adlington, R. (2019) Introduction: why ‘new music theatre’ now? In: New Music Theatre in Europe: Transformations between 1955-1975. Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century . Routledge. ISBN 9781138323018 (hardback) 9780367730949 (paperback) 9780429451669 (e-book)

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Adlington, R. (2018) Politics and the popular in British music theatre of the Vietnam era. Journal of the Royal Musical Association, 143 (2) pp. 433-471. ISSN 0269-0403 (print), 1471-6933 (online)

Adlington, R. (2009) Tuning in and dropping out: the disturbance of the Dutch premiere of Stockhausen's Stimmung. Music & Letters, 90 (1) pp. 94-112. ISSN 0027-4224 (print) 1477-4631 (online)

Asaba, Y. (2022) Demarcating status: tango music and dance in Japan, 1913-1940. In: Worlds of Social Dancing: Dance Floor Encounters and the Global Rise of Couple Dancing, c. 1910-40. Studies in Popular Culture . Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 154-176. ISBN 9781526156259 (hardback) 9781526156242 (e-book)

Asaba, Y. (2019) ‘Folds of the heart’: performing life-experience, emotion, and empathy in Japanese tango music culture. Ethnomusicology Forum, 28 (1) pp. 45-65. ISSN 1741-1912 (print) 1741-1920 (online)

Asaba, Y. (2017) Review of 'Tracing Tangueros: Argentine Tango Instrumental Music' by K Link, & K Wendland. Music & Letters, 98 (3) pp. 498-500. ISSN 0027-4224 (print) 1477-4631 (online)

Asaba, Y. (2018) The arrival of tango in Japan: allure, fear, and morality in early twentieth century Japan. The Japan Society Proceedings, 155 pp. 106-123. ISSN 0952-2050

Asaba, Y. (2020) The reception of tango and the creation of its authenticity in twentieth century Japan: a study from the perspective of “Internalized Modernity”. Popular Music Studies, 24 pp. 3-15. ISSN 1343-9251 (print) 1883-5945 (online)


Betts, N. (2020) The personal and social impact of non-accredited music education in prison: a transformative mixed methods approach to research in custodial settings. Masters thesis, Royal College of Music.

Brooks, J. and Thormählen, W. (2021) Introduction: making music matter in historic houses. In: Sound Heritage: Making Music Matter in Historic Houses. Routledge Research in Music . Routledge. ISBN 9780367237165 (hardback) 9780429281327 (e-book)


Camlin, D. A. (2018) Assessing quality in socially engaged musical performances. In: Reflective Conservatoire Conference 2018: Artists as Citizens, 20-23 February 2018, Guildhall School of Music & Drama. (Unpublished)

Camlin, D. A. (2017) Beyond binaries. In: Music and Ideas: What Do Excellence and Inclusion Really Mean?, 21 September 2017, Royal College of Music, London. (Unpublished)

Camlin, D. A. (2023) Community music and the civic imagination. In: Listen to your Neighbourhood: Musik als Medium kultureller und Sozialer Arbeit. Beltz Juventa, pp. 10-21. ISBN 978-3-7799-7012-5

Camlin, D. A. (2022) Encounters with participatory music. In: The Chamber Musician in the Twenty-First Century. MDPI, Basel, pp. 43-72. ISBN 978-3-03897-562-5 (hardback) 978-3-03897-563-2 (PDF)

Camlin, D. A. (2021) Mind the gap! In: Community Music at the Boundaries. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 9781771124577 (paperback)

Camlin, D. A. (2017) Music in three dimensions: an integrative perspective on the aesthetic, praxial and social dimensions of music. In: International Society for Music Education World Conference, 25-29 July 2016, Glasgow.

Camlin, D. A. (2021) Organizational dynamics in community ensembles. In: Together in Music: Coordination, Expression, Participation. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198860761 (hardback)

Camlin, D. A. (2021) Recovering our humanity - what’s love (and music) got to do with it? In: Authentic Connection: Music, Spirituality, and Wellbeing. Music and Spirituality (13). Peter Lang, Oxford. ISBN 9781800791596 (paperback)

Camlin, D. A. (2017) Whatever you say I am, that’s what I’m not: developing dialogical and dissensual ways of conceiving of and talking about community music. In: International Seminar of the ISME Commission on Community Music Activity, 19-23 July 2016, Edinburgh.

Camlin, D. A. and Caulfield, L. and Perkins, R. (2020) Capturing the magic: a three-way dialogue on the impact of music on people and society. International Journal of Community Music, 13 (2) pp. 157-172. ISSN 1752-6299 (print) 1752-6302 (online)

Camlin, D. A. and Daffern, H. and Zeserson, K. (2020) Group singing as a resource for the development of a healthy public: a study of adult group singing. Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, 7 (60) ISSN 2662-9992 (online)


Henley, J. and Cohen, M. L. (2014) Constructing personal narratives around key musical events: redefining identities and attitudes within and outside of prison music. In: CMA XIV Listening to the world: Experiencing and Connecting the Knowledge from Community Music, 15-18 July 2014, Salvador, Brazil.

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Hewett, I. (2020) Sorry, Remainers – Ode To Joy is not, and has never been, an EU anthem. Daily Telegraph ISSN 0307-1235 (print) 2059-7487 (online)

Hewett, I. (2021) The vanishing discipline: the threat to musicology. Search: Journal for New Music and Culture, 12 pp. 1-17.


Kawabata, M. (2023) The new "Yellow Peril" in "Western" European symphony orchestras. In: Voices for Change in the Classical Music Profession: New Ideas for Tackling Inequalities and Exclusions. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780197601211 (hardback) 9780197601228 (paperback) 9780197601259 (e-book)


Lawson, C. (2011) Nourishment, body and soul: modern performers, diverse tastes. In: Educated Tastes: Food, Drink, and Connoisseur Culture. At Table . University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, pp. 215-236. ISBN 978-0-8032-1935-9 (paperback) 978-0-8032-3813-8 (e-book)


Mather, B. and Camlin, D. A. (2017) Situational pedagogy in community music: developing a pedagogical approach which accounts for and responds to the changing needs of music learners and music learning situations. In: International Seminar of the ISME Commission on Community Music Activity, 19-23 July 2016, Edinburgh.

Mayes, S. and Whitfield, S. K. (2021) An inconvenient Black history of British musical theatre 1900-1950. Methuen Drama, Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781350119635 (hardback) 9781350232686 (paperback) 9781350119642 (e-book)

Mayes, S. and Whitfield, S. K. (2021) An inconvenient Black history of British musical theatre 1900-1950, lecture concert, Wigmore Hall, 21 September 2021. [Performance]

Meyn, N. (2015) Exile estates and music restitution. In: Symposium, 31 May 2015, Royal College of Music, London. (Unpublished)

Meyn, N. (2018) Singing a song in a foreign land. In: Association of Anglican Musicians Conference, 11-14 June 2018, San Antonio, Texas. (Unpublished)

Meyn, N. and Heller-Jones, C. (2018) Love of Lieder: tracing the Jewish journey through 19th and 20th century German song [study course]. Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London. (Unpublished)

Morgan, F. (2020) Common cents: the experiences of low-income students in high-profile conservatoires. Masters thesis, Royal College of Music.


Perkins, R. and Kaye, S. and Zammit, B. B. and Mason-Bertrand, A. and Spiro, N. and Williamon, A. (2022) How arts engagement supported social connectedness during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: findings from the HEartS Survey. Public Health, 207 pp. 1-6. ISSN 0033-3506


Rossi Rognoni, G. (2019) Organology and the others: a political perspective. Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, 44 pp. 7-17. ISSN 0362-3300


Shaughnessy, C. and Perkins, R. and Spiro, N. and Waddell, G. and Williamon, A. (2023) Cultivating progressive development in the cultural industries: challenges and support needs identified by the creative workforce in the United Kingdom. Cultural Trends ISSN 0954-8963 (print) 1469-3690 (online)

Smith, R. L. (2021) Bizet's Carmen uncovered. Boydell & Brewer, Martlesham, Suffolk. ISBN 9781783275250 (hardback) 9781787449213 (e-book) 9781800100466 (e-book)

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Stirling, C. (2019) Voice memos from the dancefloor. [Audio]


Thormählen, W. (2014) Lamenting at the piano: domestic music-making and well-being in eighteenth-century Britain. Göttingen Händel-Beiträge, 15 pp. 144-160. ISSN 0177-7319 (print) 2197-330X (online)

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Whitfield, S. K. (2017) 'For the first time in forever': locating Frozen as a feminist Disney musical. In: The Disney Musical on Stage and Screen: Critical Approaches from 'Snow White' to 'Frozen'. Methuen Drama (Bloomsbury), London. ISBN 9781474234177 (hardback) 9781474234160 (paperback) 9781474234191 (e-book)

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