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Williamon, A. and Edwards, D. and Bartel, L., eds. (2011) Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2011. European Association of Conservatoires, Utrecht. ISBN 9789490306021

Clayton, M. and Herbert, T. and Middleton, R., eds. (2011) The cultural study of music: a critical introduction [2nd edition]. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9780415881906 (hardback) 9780415881913 (paperback) 9780203149454 (e-book)

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Alessandri, E. and Eiholzer, H. and Cervino, A. and Senn, O. and Williamon, A. (2011) Investigating critical practice. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Bowden, M. (2011) Lines written a few miles below. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2011) Lyra. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2011) Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune [Debussy arr. Bowden]. [Composition]

Charlston, T. (2011) The Barony Hall Organ and its wider context. The Organ, 90 (356) pp. 22-26. ISSN 0030-4883 (print)

Clark, T. and Holmes, P. and Feeley, G. and Redding, E. (2011) The role and value of implementing health screening programs within music conservatoires. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Clark, T. and Holmes, P. and Redding, E. (2011) Investigating the physiological demands of musical performance. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Clark, T. and Williamon, A. (2011) Evaluation of a mental skills training program for musicians. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 23 pp. 342-359. ISSN 1041-3200 (print) 1533-1571 (online)

Clark, T. and Williamon, A. and Aksentijevic, A. (2011) Musical imagery and imagination: the function, measurement and application of imagery skills for performance. In: Musical Imaginations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Creativity, Performance and Perception. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 351-365. ISBN 9780199568086

Driver, D. (2011) Balakirev: Piano Sonata & other works. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2011) Dale: piano music. [Audio]

Fautley, M. and Coll, H. and Henley, J. (2011) Report into the Wider Opportunities continuing professional development programme provided by Trinity Guildhall and The Open University. Birmingham City University, Birmingham.

Garnham, A. M. (2011) Hans Keller and internment: the development of an emigré musician 1938-48. Hans Keller Archive . Boydell & Brewer, Martlesham. ISBN 9780955608773 (hardback) 9780955608780 (paperback)

Guillaumier, C. (2011) Ambiguous modernism: the early orchestral works of Sergei Prokofiev. Tempo, 65 (256) pp. 25-37. ISSN 0040-2982 (print) 1478-2286 (online)

Guillaumier, C. (2011) War and Peace and Prokofiev's late operatic aesthetic. Three Oranges Journal, 21 pp. 20-25. ISSN 1472-9946

Herbert, T. (2011) Brass instruments. Oxford Bibliographies Online

Herbert, T. (2011) Review of 'A history of the trombone' by David M. Guion. American Musical Instrument Society Newsletter, 40 (2) pp. 12-14. ISSN 0160-2365

Herbert, T. (2011) Social history and music history. In: The Cultural Study of Music: A Critical Introduction [2nd Edition]. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9780415881906 (hardback) 9780415881913 (paperback) 9780203149454 (e-book)

Herbert, T. (2011) “…men of great perfection in their science…”: the trumpeter as musician and diplomat in England in the later fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Historic Brass Society Journal, 23 pp. 1-23. ISSN 1045-4616 (print) 1943-5215 (online)

Hesketh, K. (2011) Away in a manger [traditional arr. Hesketh]. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Danceries (set II) [version for symphonic wind band]. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Diatoms (I-IV): the four horsemen. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Gabriel's message [traditional arr. Hesketh]. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) God rest ye, merry gentlemen [traditional arr. Hesketh]. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Heu, heu, heu...eine kleine ausschweifende Feier. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Pour Henri. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Sisyphus’ punishment (Die Bestrafung des Sisyphos). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) The backbone of night: mechanisms of evolution in Henri Dutilleux's 'Ainsi la nuit'. Contemporary Music Review, 29 (5) pp. 463-483. ISSN 0749-4467 (print) 1477-2256 (online)

Holt, S. (2011) Morpheus wakes. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2011) The yellow wallpaper. [Composition]

Kawabata, M. (2011) What is to be made of these good-looking violinists? Male virtuosos with high cheekbones are vexing to some high-art traditionalists. Strings, 26 (5:200) p. 15. ISSN 0888-3106

Kelly, J. and Meyn, N. (2011) History of vocal teaching II: singing in English - a session with Catherine Lambert Hon. R.C.M. [Video]

Kittos, H. (2011) Omadón. [Composition]

Lawson, C. (2011) The British clarinet school: legacy and legend. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Lawson, C. (2011) Nourishment, body and soul: modern performers, diverse tastes. In: Educated Tastes: Food, Drink, and Connoisseur Culture. At Table . University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, pp. 215-236. ISBN 978-0-8032-1935-9 (paperback) 978-0-8032-3813-8 (e-book)

Lisboa, T. and Chaffin, R. and Logan, T. (2011) A self-study of practice: words versus action in music problem solving. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Meyn, N. (2011) German pronunciation guide: Beethoven: 9th Symphony, Choral Fantasia. ChoraLine.

Meyn, N. (2011) German pronunciation guide: Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem. ChoraLine.

Mival, W. (2011) BBC Radio 3 record review: building a library: Strauss: Alpine Symphony. [Broadcast]

Nelsen, R. and Immler, C. and Driver, D. (2011) Walter Arlen: Es Geht Wohl Anders. [Audio]

Pearson, I. E. (2011) Celebrating the past: treasures from the RCM collections [Gresham College lecture]. [Video]

Perkins, R. and Williamon, A. (2011) ‘I kind of get lost in it’: experiences of learning to perform music in older adulthood. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Pitt, J. (2011) What is the rationale for music in a Children’s Centre? In: Conference of the European Network of Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children 2011, 8-11 June 2011, Helsinki, Finland.

Rink, J. and Spiro, N. and Gold, N. (2011) Motive, gesture, and the analysis of performance. In: New Perspectives on Music and Gesture. SEMPRE Studies in The Psychology of Music . Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 267-292. ISBN 9780754664628 (hardback) 9781138248700 (paperback) 9781315598048 (e-book)

Ritchie, L. and Williamon, A. (2011) Measuring distinct types of musical self-efficacy. Psychology of Music, 39 (3) pp. 328-344. ISSN 0305-7356 (print) 1741-3087 (online)

Ritchie, L. and Williamon, A. (2011) Primary school children’s self-efficacy for music learning. Journal of Research in Music Education, 59 (2) pp. 146-161. ISSN 0022-4294 (print) 1945-0095 (online)

Rossi Rognoni, G. (2011) Alle origini dell’organologia storica italiana: il dibattito nei periodici tra Otto e Novecento [On the origins of historic organology in Italy: the debate in periodicals between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries]. In: La critica musicale in Italia nella prima metà del Novecento. Musica in Atto (7). Marsilio Editori, Venice, pp. 141-166. ISBN 9788831712545

Rossi Rognoni, G. (2011) Book review: 'Stradivari' by Stewart Pollens. Journal of the Americal Musical Instrument Society, 37 pp. 171-175. ISSN 0362-3300

Rossi Rognoni, G. (2011) Strumenti musicali e Angeli musicanti nel Tabernacolo dei Linaioli: una proposta di interpretazione [Musical instruments and musician angels in the Tabernacle of the Linaioli: a proposal for interpretation]. In: Il Tabernacolo dei Linaioli del Beato Angelico restaurato. Edifir, Florence, pp. 39-44. ISBN 978-88-7970-503-5

Rossi Rognoni, G. (2011) A bit of a stony sound: the marble harpsichord signed Michele Antonio Grandi of the Galleria Estense in Modena. In: Cembalo, Clavecin, Harpsichord: Regionale Traditionen des Cembalobaus: Symposium im Rahmen der 35. Tage Alter Musik in Herne 2010 (conference proceedings). Musikverlag Katzbichler, Salzburg, pp. 95-109. ISBN 978 3 87397 589 7

Scarlato, D. (2011) Ich möchte kein Mann sein [I don't want to be a man]. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Scarlato, D. (2011) Phaedra. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Smith, R. L. (2011) 'Aimer ainsi': rekindling the lamp in Pelléas. In: Rethinking Debussy. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 76-95. ISBN 9780199755639 (hardback) 9780199755646 (paperback)

Solomon, A. (2011) Vivaldi: sacred works for soprano and concertos. [Audio]

Stakelum, M. (2011) An analysis of verbal responses to music in a group of adult non-specialists. Music Education Research, 13 (2) pp. 173-197. ISSN 1461-3808 (print) 1469-9893 (online)

Thormählen, W. (2011) Recording review article: ‘Kleinmeister’ music—a conflict of interests? Early Music, 39 (4) pp. 655-658. ISSN 0306-1078 (print) 1741-7260 (online)

Turnage, M.-A. (2011) Canon fever. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2011) Johnston. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2011) Trespass. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2011) Undance. [Composition]

Wasley, D. and Williamon, A. and Taylor, A. (2011) A comparison of music performance anxiety to a laboratory stressor. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Wasley, D. and Williamon, A. and Taylor, A. (2011) An investigation into the acute effect of exercise on physiological and psychological responses to musical performance. In: International Symposium on Performance Science 2011, 24-27 August 2011, Canada.

Wistreich, R. (2011) Music books and sociability. Il Saggiatore Musicale: Rivista Semestrale di Musicologia, 18 pp. 230-246. ISSN 1123-8615 (print) 2035-6706 (online)

Wistreich, R. (2011) ‘Thou & Ile sing to make these dull Shades merry’: Herrick’s Charon Dialogues. In: ‘Lords of Wine and Oile’: Community and Conviviality in the Poetry of Robert Herrick. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199604777

Wistreich, R. (2011) Who sings the cantus? Children as performers of secular music in the early modern period. TroJa. Jahrbuch für Renaissancemusik, 10 pp. 157-176. ISSN 2513-1028

Wöllner, C. and Ginsborg, J. and Williamon, A. (2011) Music researchers’ musical engagement. Psychology of Music, 39 (3) pp. 364-382. ISSN 0305-7356 (print) 1741-3087 (online)

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