A quest to find ‘real': September 2014 – February 2017

Feshareki, S. (2019) A quest to find ‘real': September 2014 – February 2017. Doctoral thesis, Royal College of Music.


In this commentary, I aim to describe, contextualise and analyse my artistic practice, and present a cross-section of compositions and improvisations created between 2014- 2017. This includes site-specific compositions I created with installation artist Haroon Mirza, realising the previously lost composition of composer Daphne Oram titled ‘Still Point’, and my live turntable improvisations I create for my NTS Radio shows. I draw attention to my own bespoke techniques and unique methodology within my practice to create new forms of music composition as well as to study perspective both musically and socially. I highlight the important elements of my work including improvisation, untold histories of classical music, collaboration, artistic curation and my own methods of music electronics specifically relating to the turntable. In relation to my turntabling practice, I created my own methods away from any other culture such as hip-hop turntablism, instead focussing on the physicality of sound and the sculpture of the turntable as inspiration for my movement-based techniques. In regards to this, I discuss my strong focus on musicality, away from sound-art. The physicality of sound is also an integral element of my acoustic compositions. In relation to this, I outline the use of innovation in my work including engaging with space and acoustic as a way of creating sonic-sculptures that emphasise the idea of the physicality of sound, which is prevalent in different forms in my acoustic and electronic works. Throughout the commentary I aim to raise questions, and how we as artists have responsibilities to create new forms that are relevant to current social landscapes. Finally, the aim of all the points outlined is to continue to develop my main aim as an artist: The pursuit of truth and understanding on my quest to find “real.”

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