Coups de tête: review article

Wright, D. C. H. (1994) Coups de tête: review article. The Musical Times, 135 (1813) pp. 153-155. ISSN 0027-4666 (print) 2397-5318 (online)


Reviewed works: 'Sundry sorts of music books: essays on the British Library Collection presented to O. W. Neighbour on his 70th birthday' ed. Chris Banks, Arthur Seale, and Malcolm Turner; 'Musical Humanism and its legacy: essays in honour of Claude V. Palisca' ed. Nancy Kovaleff Baker and Barbara Russano Hanning; 'Companion to contemporary musical thought' ed. John Paynter, Tim Howell, Richard Orton, and Peter Seymour; 'Disciplining music: musicology and its canons' ed. Katherine Bergeron and Philip V. Bohlman.

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