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Charlston, T. (2022) Ernst Wilhelm Wolf, ed. Ryan Layne Whitney, collected solo keyboard sonatas, 3 vols (2021), Harpsichord & Fortepiano, 27 (1) pp. 31-32. ISSN 0953-0797 (print)

Charlston, T. (2022) Re-editing the English virginalists: The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, edited by Jon Baxendale and Francis Knights. Lyrebird Music, 2020. 3 volumes. My Lady Nevells Booke, edited by Jon Baxendale and Francis Knights. Lyrebird Music, 2021. Parthenia and Parthenia In-Violata, edited by Jon Baxendale and Francis Knights. Lyrebird Music, 2021. Journal of the Royal College of Organists ISSN 0969-1642

Smith, R. L. (1993) Book/edition review: 'The art of the unmeasured prelude for harpsichord' by Colin Tilney. Early Music, 21 (1) pp. 131-134. ISSN 0306-1078 (print) 1741-7260 (online)

Smith, R. L. (2023) Score review: new editions of piano music and songs by Fauré, Franck and Cras. Nineteenth-Century Music Review pp. 1-3. ISSN 1479-4098 (print), 2044-8414 (online)


Bowden, M. (2014) Beldam. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2012) Heartland. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2011) Lines written a few miles below. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2004) Low over the railroad. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2011) Lyra. [Composition]

Bowden, M. (2012) Parable. [Composition]

Charlston, T. (2020) Prelude. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Cole, J. (2017) 50 Florentine breaths. [Composition]

Cole, J. (2018) Ascending circles. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Cole, J. (1998) Crocodile. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Cole, J. (2013) Djimbala. [Composition]

Cole, J. (2002) Go tango. [Composition]

Cole, J. (2020) Hidden corners. [Composition]

Cole, J. (2008) Simulacrum. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Cole, J. (2014) Sir-namnar. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Cole, J. (2002) Suntrap. [Composition]

Cole, J. (2020) Templum. [Composition]

Cole, J. (1999) Totem. [Composition]

Cole, J. (1999) Trapdoor. [Composition]

Cole, J. (1995) A group of memories. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (1995) Aphorisms. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2014) Barbiglio (derivato). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (1998) Die hängende Figur ist Judas (Drei Perspektiven). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2014) Entanglements (dance scenes). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2005) Gabo's opus. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Heu, heu, heu...eine kleine ausschweifende Feier. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2012) Horae (pro Clara). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2015) Hände: das Leben und die Liebe eines Zärtlichen Geschlechts. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2014) IMMH. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2005) Les grandes plaines du jour. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2002) Notte oscura [version for solo piano]. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2022) Nox ruit…hic locus est (derivata). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2006) Poetic conceits. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Pour Henri. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2002) Three Japanese miniatures. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2008) Through magic casements. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2015) The lullaby of the land beyond (in fond memory of Oliver Knussen). [Composition] (Unpublished)

Hesketh, K. (2002) The mechanical Turk. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) Black lanterns (1984, rev. 2004). [Composition]

Holt, S. (2003) Brief candles. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2015) Darling Eve in the evil garden. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2005) Disparate. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1995) Dædalus remembers. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) Feet of clay. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2015) Fool is hurt. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) Klop's last bite. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2005) Mantis. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1981) Maïastra. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2012) Migas (book 1). [Composition]

Holt, S. (2019) Migas (book 2). [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) Nigredo (1994, rev. 2004). [Composition]

Holt, S. (2022) Organ book. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2019) Raw air. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2020) Six studies after Messerschmidt. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1985) Tauromaquia. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2019) Voice of the fool. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1993) A book of colours. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2013) The man in the wind and the west moon. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2006) A second box of brief candles. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2005) The sharp end of night. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2007) A table of noises. [Composition]

Kay, A. (2007) Etudes part I. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kay, A. (2001) Shadow dancing. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kay, A. (2006) Silence of moontide. [Composition]

Kay, A. (2006) The invisible face (2004, rev. 2006). [Composition]

Kay, A. (2020) Études part II. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2022) 4 impros. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2004) Alice’s Alices. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2006) Another air. [Composition]

Kittos, H. (2001) Arthrós. [Composition]

Kittos, H. (2001) Eisodion. [Composition]

Kittos, H. (2010) Ermaïkó. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2017) Pauline. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2001) Prooimion (2000, rev. 2001 and 2002). [Composition]

Kittos, H. (2016) Prosforo (2001, rev. 2011 and 2016). [Composition]

Kittos, H. (1999) Sistina. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2019) Sitio. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (1997) Three pieces after a Rothko’s exhibition. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2020) stRay. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2002) Àtropo [version for cello]. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Kittos, H. (2002) Àtropo [version for piano] (2001, rev. 2002). [Composition]

Kittos, H. (2014) Ètude. [Composition]

Kittos, H. (2021) Ètude a X. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mival, W. (2018) Rond. [Composition]

Mival, W. (1993) Twenty seven variations. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mival, W. (1997) The siege of Chester. [Composition]

Scarlato, D. (2016) Rhapsody of memories. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Scarlato, D. (2020) The migrant's tale. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2000) 2 memorials. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2006) Ah, quegli occhi! (Ah, those eyes!). [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2007) Air with variations. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2000) Another set to. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2000) Bass inventions. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2010) Cello concerto. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2020) Concertino. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2013) Erskine. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2003) Eulogy. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2007) Five views of a mouth. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2018) Four meditations. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2004) From the wreckage. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2005) Hidden love song (Verborgenes Liebeslied). [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2014) Håkan. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (1990) Kai. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2019) Lament. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2010) Leap. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2007) Mambo, blues and tarantella. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2015) Martland memorial. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2014) Maya. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2009) Milo. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2018) Nocturne. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2019) On Marylebone Road. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2001) On opened ground. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2013) Piano concerto. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2003) Riffs and refrains. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2018) Romanian rhapsody. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2018) Towards alba. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (1999) True life stories. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2004) Yet another set to. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (1993) Your rockaby. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2004) An aria (with dancing). [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2003) A man descending. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. (2007) A prayer out of stillness. [Composition]

Turnage, M.-A. and Rundell, C. (2004) An invention on 'Solitude' [version for clarinet and chamber orchestra arr. Rundell]. [Composition]


Charlston, T. (2024) Bach: the great Toccata [documentary by Daniel Moult]. [Video] (In Press)


Charlston, T. (2024) National Treasures: Vermeer in Edinburgh. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2020) A complete recording of the contents of Royal College of Music, London, Manuscript 2093 with additional keyboard pieces by Gerhard Diesineer and John Moss. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2021) György Ligeti: the 18 Études. [Audio]

Meyn, N. and Pearson, I. E. and Sun, E. and Driver, D. (2021) Robert Kahn: Leaves from the tree of life. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1994) Vivaldi: 6 cello sonatas. [Audio]


Charlston, T. (2007) Albertus Bryne: keyboard music for harpsichord and organ. Norskmusikforlag, Oslo. ISBN 978-82-7093-567-3

Charlston, T. (2009) Carlo Ignazio Monza: Pièces Modernes pour le clavecin. Norskmusikforlag, Oslo. ISBN 978-82-7093-591-8

Charlston, T. (2004) Matthew Locke arr. Terence Charlston: thirteen keyboard pieces for harpsichord and organ. Peacock Press, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge. ISBN 1–904846–0205

Windram, H. F. and Charlston, T. (2015) English keyboard music c.1650-1700: a series of facsimiles of manuscript sources vol. 1: London, Royal College of Music Library, MS 2093. Norsk Musikforlag, Oslo. ISBN 9788270937073

Woolley, A. and Windram, H. F. and Charlston, T. (2021) English keyboard music c.1650-c.1700: a series of facsimiles of manuscript sources, vol. 2: London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 1040. Norsk Musikforlag, Oslo.

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