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Charlston, T. (2016) Adieu m'amour: music from the time of Agincourt. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2007) Albertus Bryne: keyboard music. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2009) Carlo Ignazio Monza: harpsichord music. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2003) Early keyboard instruments: the Benton Fletcher collection at Fenton House. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2020) Froberger: complete Fantasias and Canzonas. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2010) La chasse royale: keyboard manuscript of Antoine Selosse. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2003) Matthew Locke: complete keyboard works. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2015) Mersenne’s clavichord: music from sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2008) William Byrd: for my Ladye Nevell. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2020) A complete recording of the contents of Royal College of Music, London, Manuscript 2093 with additional keyboard pieces by Gerhard Diesineer and John Moss. [Audio]

Charlston, T. (2014) The harmonious Thuringian: music from the early years of Bach and Handel. [Audio]

Charlston, T. and Solomon, A. (2019) Bach: Cantatas 106 and 182, Amici Voices and Amici Baroque Players. [Audio]

Charlston, T. and Solomon, A. (2017) Handel: German Arias & Trio Sonatas. [Audio]

Charlston, T. and Solomon, A. (2019) Music for a king: chamber works from the court of Frederick the Great. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2011) Balakirev: Piano Sonata & other works. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2017) Beach, Chaminade & Howell: Piano Concertos. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2008) Bowen: Piano Concertos. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2009) Bowen: Piano Sonatas. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2010) C. P. E. Bach: Keyboard Sonatas vol. 1. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2012) C. P. E. Bach: Keyboard Sonatas vol. 2. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2011) Dale: piano music. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2012) Erik Chisholm: Piano Concertos. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2021) György Ligeti: the 18 Études. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2014) Handel: the Eight Great Suites. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2012) Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto no. 5, op. 103. [Audio]

Driver, D. (2014) Schumann: Novelletten & Nachtstücke. [Audio]

Driver, D. and Hanslip, C. (2017) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas vol. 1. [Audio]

Driver, D. and Hanslip, C. (2018) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas vol. 2. [Audio]

Driver, D. and Hanslip, C. (2018) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas vol. 3. [Audio]

Driver, D. and Trusler, M. (2017) Erik Chisholm: Violin Concerto & Dance Suite. [Audio]

Hair, G. and Morrison, A. and Pearson, I. E. (2013) Ecstasy and enlightenment. [Audio]

Hanslip, C. and Driver, D. (2013) Bowen: the complete works for violin and piano. [Audio]

Immler, C. and Stephany, A. and Berner, C. and Driver, D. and Fraser, S. (2018) Swan songs: Schubert, Brahms, Barber, and Bernstein. [Audio]

Johns, S. (2016) Bach: Sonatas & Partitas (Kyung Wha Chung). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2019) Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp. 109, 110 & 111 (Steven Osborne). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2018) Bernstein: the 3 symphonies (Antonio Pappano). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2016) C. P. E. Bach: Flute Concertos (Emmanuel Pahud). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2017) Debussy: piano music (Steven Osbourne). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2017) John Blow: An ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works (Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2015) Joyce and Tony live at Wigmore Hall (Joyce DiDonato and Antonio Pappano). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2018) Late Chopin works (Kevin Kenner). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2019) Love and death (Martin James Bartlett). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2014) Love duets (Ailyn Pérez and Stephen Costello). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2018) Mahler: Symphony No. 9 (Gianandrea Noseda). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2014) Medtner & Rachmaninov Piano Sonatas (Steven Osbourne). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2015) Mozart: Violin Concertos nos. 1, 5 & Sinfonia Concertante (Vilde Frang). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2020) Prokofiev: Piano Sonatas 6, 7, and 8 (Steven Osborne). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2018) Requiem: The Pity of War, Ian Bostridge, Antonio Pappano produced by Stephen Johns. [Audio]

Johns, S. (2015) Revolution: flute concertos (Emmanuel Pahud). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2018) Symphonic psalms and prayers: Bernstein, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Zemlinsky (Tenebrae/Nigel Short). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2015) Verdi: Aida (Antonio Pappano). [Audio]

Johns, S. (2017) Violin Concertos by Paganini & Wolf-Ferrari (Francesca Dego). [Audio]

Meyn, N. and Charlston, T. (2014) C. P. E. Bach: spiritual songs. [Audio]

Meyn, N. and Pearson, I. E. and Sun, E. and Driver, D. (2021) Robert Kahn: Leaves from the tree of life. [Audio]

Nelsen, R. and Immler, C. and Driver, D. (2011) Walter Arlen: Es Geht Wohl Anders. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2007) Bach Cantatas. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2008) Bach: Cantata 'Non Sa Che Sia Dolore', Triple Concerto in A minor, and Telemann: Concerto in A major. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2012) Bach: Organ Trio Sonatas (arranged for multiple instruments). [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1998) Bach: a musical offering: the complete instrumental Trio Sonatas. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2005) Bolivian Baroque. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2006) Bolivian Baroque vol. 2. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2009) Bolivian Baroque vol. 3. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2000) Fatale flame: music from 18th century France. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1995) Haydn Cello Concertos in C and D. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2003) Haydn: London Symphonies arr. Salomon. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1996) In the name of Bach. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1995) Le Roi s'amuse: music for the King's pleasure. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2010) Pergolesi: Stabat Mater. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1997) Sanguineus & melancholicus: C. P. E. Bach Sonatas. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2020) The Spohr Collection: historical flutes. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1993) Telemann: Concerti da Camera. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2018) Telemann: Essercizii Musici. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1999) Telemann: Paris Quartets. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2004) Telemann: Paris Quartets vol. 2. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2005) Telemann: Paris Quartets vol. 3. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2002) Telemann: Tafelmusik. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2017) Telemann: twelve Fantasias for solo flute. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1997) Vivaldi Concerti. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (1995) Vivaldi concerti. [Audio]

Solomon, A. (2011) Vivaldi: sacred works for soprano and concertos. [Audio]

Solomon, A. and Charlston, T. (2014) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. [Audio]

Solomon, A. and Charlston, T. (2000) Bach: Flute Sonatas vol. 1. [Audio]

Solomon, A. and Charlston, T. (2003) Bach: Flute and Harpsichord Sonatas vol. 2. [Audio]

Solomon, A. and Charlston, T. (2013) Couperin: Les Nations and Rebel: Caractères de la Danse. [Audio]

Solomon, A. and Charlston, T. (2016) Telemann: Concertos & Cantata Ihr Völker Hört. [Audio]

Solomon, A. and Nagasawa, M. (2002) Music for flute and harp. [Audio]

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