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Smith, R. L. (1992) Baroque Ballet: review of 'Le Ballet des Fâcheux: Beauchamp's music for Molière's comedy' edited by George Houle. The Musical Times, 133 (1789). p. 126. ISSN 0027-4666 (print) 2397-5318 (online)

Smith, R. L. (1992) Edition review: 'Henry Butler: collected works' by Elizabeth V. Phillips and Jack Ashworth. The Musical Times, 133 (1794). p. 398. ISSN 0027-4666 (print) 2397-5318 (online)

Smith, R. L. (1994) Edition review: French Baroque music. Early Music, 22 (2). pp. 333-334. ISSN 0306-1078 (print) 1741-7260 (online)


Charlston, T. (2018) Five pieces for two clavichords. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Charlston, T. (2019) Hommage. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Hesketh, K. (2001) After Verdi! [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2001) Cantilena. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2005) Cautionary Tales. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2004) The Cloud Of Unknowing. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2016) Concerto Salmigondis. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2002) Dei Destini Incrociati. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2001) Deux Arabesques. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Diatoms (I-IV): The Four Horsemen. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2012) The Doctrine of Affections. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2006) Ein Lichtspiel. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2012) Forms entangled, shapes collided. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2002) Fra Duri Scogli. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2018) In ictu oculi - three meditations for wind ensemble. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2018) Inscrizione (derivata) (a lie to the dying). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2009) A Land So Luminous (for violin and piano). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2009) A Land So Luminous. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2004) Netsuke. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2001) Netsuke Fragments (Part I). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2013) Notte oscura (arrangement for piano 4 hands). [Composition] (In Press)

Hesketh, K. (2017) Of Time and Disillusionment. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2011) Point Forms (after Kandinsky). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2003) Polygon Window [Perpetuum immobile]. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2003) Polygon Window [Perpetuum immobile] (reduced version). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2016) Rêverie. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2015) SPIKE (I & II). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2007) Theatre of Attractions. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2002) Theatrum. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2005) Threats and declamations. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (1998) Three Movements from Theatrum (chamber ensemble version). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2014) Three Movements from Theatrum (two piano version). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2005) Three pieces in the shape of a shoe. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2009) Torturous Instruments. [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2009) Vecherinka for 6 pianos (in 5 hands). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2005) Vecherinka for two pianos (in five hands). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2013) What if...? (op[f]er). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2008) Wunderkammer(konzert). [Composition]

Hesketh, K. (2016) Élégie. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2015) 3rd Quartet. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2006) 4 Quarters. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2017) 4th Quartet: Cloud House. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Holt, S. (2016) 5 Settings of E.D. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2009) Amapolas. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2015) Amistad. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2017) Bagatelarañas. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Holt, S. (2006) Ballad of the Black Sorrow. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2002) Banshee. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2002) Boots of Lead. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2008) Burlesca Oscura. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2014) Cançiones. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2009) Capriccio Spettrale. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) The Coroner's Report. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2014) Era madrugada. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2012) Escaramuza. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2015) Fool is hurt (concerto for piccolo and ensemble). [Composition]

Holt, S. (2006) Icarus Lamentations. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) Kites. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1990) Lilith. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2018) Llanto (para las chumberas). [Composition] (Unpublished)

Holt, S. (2002) Odradek. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) Palace at 4 a.m. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2007) Piano trio: Los Ojos. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2018) Quadriga. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Holt, S. (1980) The Ruin. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2002) Shadow Realm. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1989) Sparrow Night. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2000) Sphinx. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1989) String Quartet: Danger of the disappearance of things. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2009) String Sextet: the torturer's horse. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2007) Sueños. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2009) Telarañas. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2013) Terrain. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2003) Two movements for string quartet. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2010) The Wasp Queen. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2015) all fall down. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2009) disparate dos. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1998) eco-pavan. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2010) everything turns away. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2010) a knot of time. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2004) the other side of silence. [Composition]

Holt, S. (1989) a song of crocuses and lightning. [Composition]

Holt, S. (2001) startled Grass. [Composition]

Mival, W. (2020) Correntandemente. [Composition]


Charlston, T. (2006) Charles Wesley: Organ Concerto in G minor op. 2 no. 5. [Edition]

Charlston, T. (2005) J. S. Bach arr. Terence Charlston: Concerto in D minor for organ (harpsichord) and strings after BWV 35 and 156. [Edition]

Gwilt, R. and Charlston, T. (2003) J. S. Bach: Organ Trio Sonatas vol. 1 transcribed for two violins and continuo. [Edition]

Gwilt, R. and Charlston, T. (2003) J. S. Bach: Organ Trio Sonatas vol. 2 transcribed for violin, viola and continuo. [Edition]

Gwilt, R. and Charlston, T. (2003) J. S. Bach: Organ Trio Sonatas vol. 3 transcribed for two violins and continuo. [Edition]

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